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Vaccine News

Cholera vaccine

There is a new vaccine for the prevention of cholera, available NOW at our travel clinic.

Vaxchora is a live vaccine in a liquid form that you drink from a cup. No needle!

Cholera is a serious bacterial diarrhea that you can get from contaminated food or even water. Cholera is widespread, in about 70 different countries and currently there are outbreaks in Africa and the Caribbean.

Call our travel clinic to schedule an appointment and find out if Vaxchora, is needed for your trip.

Good news about HPV Vaccine!

Boys and girls who started the HPV Gardasil between the ages of 9-14 years of age need only 2 doses of the vaccine, New clinical trials showed that 2 doses provide as much protection as 3 shots in this age group. Kids starting the vaccine at 15 years or older still need 3 doses.

Shingles and the Shingles Vaccine

A common question at our clinic is – should I get the shingles vaccine if I have had shingles?

YES. The vaccine will definitely reduce the chance of getting a relapse. But you should wait for at least 6 months after your shingles goes away before getting the vaccine.

For more info on shingles, go to

Kris Mendes, RN